Enterprise Sessions (#ES2017) is the top event for experienced Polish and European e-commerce players. The event will bring together entrepreneurs, management staff, merchant and e-commerce managers from the largest Polish companies that use the ecommerce channel.

This year’s edition is going to be held under the motto: disruptive, innovative online retail models and the technologies that support this. It will be an opportunity to learn new tools in online sales, revolutionary strategies, and disruptive business models.

Why you should join in?

Jarno Vanhatapio NA-KD.com

Hi. I think it’s an intimate conference where we can actually be really on topic and really get closer and personal with the attendees. Well I’m always talking about that the specialist’s conferences will be the winners in the long run. It’s getting more and more complex and trying to aim at a certain topic is much better than going really wide because then these guys that attend these conferences they really get something good out of it in terms of concrete things that they can bring home in terms of their, when they use Magento, so it’s perfect.

Mark Selby, Macfarlane Group PLC

I think the main idea of conference was great, certainly some of the conferences back in the UK also tend to be developer orientated.
Certainly saying that we mentioned that Magento hosted a conference themselves, Magento Live in London, we have actually embarked on trying to get a user form together because at the end of the day, you know, we all run Magento websites, we all run businesses based around those websites and it’s really important for us to then try and understand the good things, the experiences,some of the negative experiences, and then learn from each other. The best way to learn is from other people experiences, and not to have to recreate those in your own environment.

Luis Monseratte Castillo, Pepe Jeans Group

Well I think it’s been a great experience. I’ve been in several round tables lately but I think this was a special effect in terms of how we got the feedback from real experts from the sector Actually, I came to the round table as expert and tried to moderate the moment but I think that the real experts were around the table so I got, I think, more feedback from their side than they from mine. So it was a really appealing conversation and I think that we all got great insights to bring back home to our offices and take action with them.

About attendees

What makes Enterprise Sessions different than other events?
Without question it’s the quality of our attendees. There will not be ordinary colleagues of yours. High concentration of decision-makers, board members, managing directors and top level managers from large organizations including companies based on Magento. You can be sure you will have the right audience. the list of participants from the first edition:

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